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It seems to be a popular narrative with journalists and other non-Drum & Bass producing musicians at the moment, to wonder and show surprise that producers are still making DnB, that it’s “still here” and that it still has any kind of musical value or worth. This continued belief that DnB has been…

Great read and so true!

91db New Horizon ‘Rescue Me’

91db New Horizon New Tune ‘Rescue Me’

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My new sounds:

Junglist drummer 91db

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Soundboy Clothing Company ‘91db - Running Away’

We’re proud to be connected to this new business… Check out this awesome clothing label ‘Soundboy’ introduction about the company, music by 91db ‘Running Away’ featuring Bella D

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The Trinity Band (live hiphop band) Single ‘Stars’

Out August 19th 2013! 91db Remix + More, checkout this amazing sampler! ‪#‎Thetrinityband‬ ‪#‎91db‬

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91db Performing Roni Size’s ‘Brown Paper Bag’ live at Godiva Festival 2013

91db performing Roni Size’s ‘Brown Paper Bag’ at Godiva Festival 2013 guest vocals from Joe Sleepless-ToddLah

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